9 Best Moments From 'The Good Dinosaur' Trailer

by Rachel Semigran

Step aside werewolves and vampires, there's a new baddie on the block that's taking over the worldwide box office... dinosaurs. The ancient reptiles are making a huge comeback with the release of Jurassic World this summer, and The Good Dinosaur trailer released on Tuesday, for the film that debuts at Thanksgiving. One is a mega-watt action-packed thriller where modern day humans genetically modify these beasts into new, hyper-intelligent beings. The other is an adorable Pixar movie that focuses on what life on Earth would have looked like if the dinosaurs didn't go extinct, and they instead co-existed with humans. Disney UK's trailer is everything my Land Before Time-loving heart needs,

Both films take a look at the interaction with human beings and the giant beasts of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras — though I have a feeling The Good Dinosaur will be a lot less bitey. The new trailer features a cast of majestic creatures, from big and bad Tyrannosaurs Rexes to the fun loving star Arlo the Apatosaurus. Considering the film comes from Disney and Pixar, we can safely assume that it will be Oscar-worthy animation, and will most certainly make audiences sob in snotty piles of emotion.

The trailer is less than two minutes, and I'm already welled up with feelings. Take a look at the best moments from the new clip.

1. First Disney Tricked Us Into Thinking They Would Actually Kill the Dinosaurs

I'm having major Littlefoot crying to his dead mother flashbacks here.

2. Then We Get to Release a Big Sigh of Relief for the Dinos


3. Then The Dinos See The Asteroid Whiz By

It just barely misses!

4. So of Course They Go Straight Back to Eating

These ancient reptiles are right after my own heart.

5. There are Some Epic Landscapes

Fly pterodactyls! FLY!

6. There Are Some Serious Toy Story Vibes With this T-Rex

I bet this Rex is just as charming.

7. But Then They Go for a More Jurassic Park-Like Mood

I take it back! You guys are scary!

8. There's Even a Wee Lad Riding a Dinosaur

Tim Murphy is so jealous right now.

9. And We Are Left With all of the Feels


Check out the trailer below.

Image: YouTube (9)