Girl With Alopecia Signs Modeling Contract

It's time to throw away all of your beauty stereotypes (if you haven't already), and take note from your newest role model: five-year-old Syndey Caraher, who signed a modeling contract after taking a local modeling competition by storm, and coming home with the crown, according to a report from the Mirror. But this competition meant a lot more than just winning a title.

Caraher has Alopecia, a condition that causes major hair loss — which can range from losing the hair on your head to your eyelashes and eyebrows. Caraher has been experiencing symptoms of Alopecia since the age of two, but regardless of the condition, nothing was going to stop the young girl from showing off her beauty and winning smile at the local contest.

The competition, Model Tots, secured Caraher a contract with Frame, a UK modeling agency, which could lead to potential spots in film or TV. Caraher's mother, Sarah Caraher, who is clearly proud of her daughter's win (and who wouldn't be), really believes that Sydney's success is a sign of true acceptance for all types of beautiful.

"Winning this competition is great as it goes against the stereotypes of what is seen as 'normal' and proves that you can still be pretty if you look a bit different." Caraher says to the Mirror.

It's always great to hear stories like this, as a reminder that we need to ignore beauty standards that just aren't true. We're rooting for you, Sydney!

Images: Courtesy of Frame(2)