Natalie La Rose's "Around The World" With Fetty Wap Is A Worthy Follow-Up To Her Breakthrough Hit "Somebody" — LISTEN

On Monday, up-and-coming pop singer Natalie La Rose premiered her new single, "Around the World," with rapper Fetty Wap (whose single, "Trap Queen," is currently sitting at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart), and I think it's a worthy follow-up to her breakthrough hit, "Somebody." Now, I like "Somebody" a lot, but as I noted back in January, it feels more like R&B vocalist Jeremih's song to me than La Rose's due to the fact that he sings the infectious hook (a.k.a. the most memorable part). Additionally, to my ears, the track owes much of its appeal to its interpolation of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody." I'm not at all surprised that the super catchy tune has taken off, but La Rose kind of gets lost in the mix — and that's not a good thing for a new artist.

Fortunately, "Around the World," puts the 26-year-old performer front and center — and I think she proves she has what it takes to make it big. On "Around the World's" first verse and pre-chorus, she sings:

Boy, just tell me where you wanna go

I'll sit back, enjoy the ride

Watch me rock my body coast to coast

Trace a map of me tonight

You know the, you know the

Language my body talks

You know what, you know what

I need to give it all

Nail you down to the bed

Now that you got a taste

Baby, don't you know where you should be?

In terms of catchiness, "Around the World's" chorus isn't quite on the same level as "Somebody's" — but it comes pretty damn close:

If I was your girl, if I was your girl

I'd give it to you all around the world

If I was your girl, if I was your girl

I'd give it to you all around the world

La Rose told Idolator at the end of March that she was finalizing the track list for her debut EP. Hopefully, we'll hear more details soon. She's definitely an artist to watch!

"Around the World" hits iTunes on Tues., June 16.