Rose's Dress Has Quite The Number Of Cutouts

Setting a record is generally a coveted goal, but setting a record for number of dress cutouts? Um, maybe not so much. Rose Byrne attended the Spy premiere and wore a dress with more cutouts than probably should be on a dress. But she definitely owned it and looked so pretty doing it, it honestly doesn't even matter.

Byrne walked the red carpet at the New York City premiere on Tuesday night, and wore a black, beaded Osman dress. From the top half, she looks pretty flawless. The halter gown is perfectly fitted to her body, and is extra sparkly and pretty. But then your eyes slowly glance downward and things take a not so cute turn. In addition to cutouts at her waist, the skirt of the dress features so many cutouts, I almost wonder why they bothered to make a skirt at all. The concept of cutouts isn't wholly (or should I say holey?) terribly or anything, but the way they are done on this dress leaves several large circles, creating a kind of like, circus-y vibe or something. At least her hair and makeup are on point?

Don't get me wrong, Rose still looks plenty stunning, but she's too chic to let a dress like this happen to her, IMHO.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Images: Getty Images