Nicki Minaj Went On A Chanel Shopping Spree, And Here's What Might Be Inside Her Bags

A girl's favorite two words to ever hear put together are "shopping" and "spree." Combine them with Chanel, and it's just basically a full-on mind blow. For most us, that will happen in maybe our wildest dreams, but Nicki Minaj went on a Chanel shopping spree, and all I want to know is: what is in the bags?!?

Minaj posted a picture to Instagram on Tuesday night, revealing a shot of herself inside a limo with four, ginormous oversized Chanel shopping bags. Let the drooling commence. The Super Bass singer, who is considerably dwarfed by her new purchases (let me not undersell the size and multitude of these shopping bags) sits in the backseat, throwing up a peace sign. You know, it's casual.

The post is captioned "F*ckin up a check check check check check check check," and while we have a pretty good idea of what went on prior to the photo, what we don't know is the contents of those bags. Since Minaj hasn't given us any sneak peaks inside (hint hint, Nicki), let's venture a few guesses of just what she might have picked up on her Chanel shopping spree. I'm still not over the jealousy.

1. Felt Pumps

These felt pumps are bold, beautiful, and totally Nicki's style. The gold, metallic heel gives them a bit of an edge.

2. A Bright Clutch

This bright pink clutch, labeled one of Chanel's "exceptional pieces," has a phrase that's as sassy as Nicki. I am not on sale.

3. An Over-The-Top Necklace

The more costume, the more Nicki.

Images: Chanel; Getty Images; nickiminaj/Instagram