'Wayward Pines' Spoilers From Star Tim Griffin Hint At More Death & Destruction

It's hard to believe that we are careening towards the half-way mark in the Wayward Pines miniseries. It seems like only yesterday our hero (or the enemy — it's really hard to tell here) Ethan Burke was waking up in the world's creepiest hospital and trying to make sense of cricket noises. Now we have mysterious fences, town executions, and some sort of corpse-snatching monster (uh, obscure spoiler alert?) to deal with. According to the Wayward Pines spoilers directly from star Tim Griffin, better known as mystery FBI Agent Adam Hassler, there's a lot more crazy trouble ahead.

I asked Griffin to spill the spoiler-beans to us in emoji form, and received a creative but highly alarming response. The actor warns that even though we may think we know what's happening, we're likely wrong. "Nothing is as it seems in Wayward Pines," he says. "Even characters that look diabolical or shady, we all have sort of grey motives." These motives should all be coming to light as the each episodes airs, and apparently the twists are pretty mind-blowing. Since we've already hit the corpse-monster phase of the show, I would expect nothing less.

Here’s the explosive emoji spoiler Griffin shared, and my best estimation (read: completely wild guessing) at what on earth this could possibly mean.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

I'm guessing the three monkeys refer to the townspeople blindly following the bizarre posted rules. This could be everyone pretending not to see the murders, hear the truth, or speak about the past. Or monkeys could infest Wayward Pines. Either way, they're more ominous than cute.

The World

Ok, this one is easy. The entire world, which would seem harmless except it's positioned right next to...

Volcano Eruption

Yep. A giant volcano explosion. his could either mean that the volcano explodes and destroys a major part of the world, or that the world is actually just Wayward Pines. A town that possibly has a dormant volcano? Regardless, natural disaster is coming.


So, a volcano explodes and then a bomb goes off? That would do some pretty serious damage. What's next?


A good sign! After all of the damage, people send out a distress signal asking for help. I'm going to assume someone calls in backup to save everyone in the town.

Three Men

I'm going to be optimistic here and say that these three are the support crew that comes in to help out. They're clearly different people, even if they do look a little creepy — though that could just be the emojis fault.

The Devil Himself

Three men and the devil? That doesn't sound right. This could be code for The Big Bad showing up (though my money is on the nurse). Maybe to take out the support crew? Maybe as part of the support crew? It could be that they send up the SOS and the only one who responds is the devil. Ethan seems to have bad luck like that.

11 (Wayward) Pines

There are 11 pine tree emojis. This is clearly a reference to the town, but darn if I know what it means. There are 10 other towns just like this one? Eleven people die in town? The devil comes to town and lives forever? No matter which way you slice it, it's creepy, and unfortunately we will just have to wait for rest of Wayward Pines to air to see if I've deciphered Griffin's clues correctly.

Images: Ed Araquel/FOX; matale,maksutam, wayward-pines (3)/Tumblr; Giphy (3)