Eva Chen Will Help You With Your #OOTD Insta Posts

Sometimes I want to upload an #OOTD picture on my Instagram account, but ain’t nobody got time to look for a beautiful area or an epic, colorful wall to take the picture in front of. Luckily, if you live around New York, Eva Chen’s new Instagram account, Photogenicwalls, can easily help you out with that.

The struggle can be so real when you’ve put together the cutest outfit ever on a day where you don’t even run into anyone you know. I mean, sure, you can always upload an #OOTD picture on Instagram to show the world your outfit creation, but with all these fashion Instagrammers saturating social media, it’s difficult to get likes or stand out (#realtalk). Uploading an #OOTD picture that you snapped in front of your mirror just isn’t enough anymore — although, it would’ve been completely acceptable on MySpace (#tbt much?). So clearly, uploading an #OOTD photo has gotten a lot more complicated.

In order to lessen the complication, former Editor-in-Chief of Lucky, Eva Chen has created Photogenicwalls, where she posts pictures of the best walls to pose against in New York. Unfortunately, the rest of the world will just have to gawk in awe at these graffiti-filled walls. Perhaps it's worth traveling to the Big Apple just to see these #OOTD-worthy backgrounds.

1. South lobby, 1 World Trade Center, NYC

This wall is calling out to all white outfits.

2. Parking lot on 17th Street between 5th and Union Square West, NYC

For all you street style lovers.

3. Macdougal and Houston, NYC

Where all my hipsters at?

Images: photogenicwalls/Instagram (4)