Where Is Kirsten's Father On 'Stitchers'? His Whereabouts Could Be The Key To Solving Many Mysteries On The Show

There are a lot of confusing factors to ABC Family's new series Stitchers. 1. The science behind the show doesn't actually exist (in its current form at least), 2. I can't decide if the people on the show are just really smart or things are just happening too fantastically fast, and 3. Kirsten's backstory is a complete and utter mystery which makes it really difficult to like her. She's also emotionally distant (thanks in part to her medical condition) which makes pretty much everyone around her dislike her. No seriously, they straight up say that several times in the series' pilot. But at the end of the premiere episode of the series from Tuesday night, we did find out that apparently Kirsten's father was involved in creating, the stitchers technology. And her "foster" father was his science partner who may have been murdered. So where is Kirsten's father? Why did he abandon her at a young age? And perhaps more importantly, could he help figure out who killed Kirsten's "foster" father Ed Clark?

The series follows Kirsten as she is recruited into the top secret government program called Stitchers, where people hack into the memories of dead people to uncover secrets that might help with national security cases. The pilot, for example, saw Kirsten hacking into a bomber's memories to find out where planted two other bombs before killing himself. But the series officially began with Kirsten learning that Ed Clark killed himself. However, Kirsten doesn't believe it's suicide. From the get go she believes he was murdered, and her program leader Maggie agrees.

Maggie reveals that Ed and Kirsten's actual father Daniel worked on the Stitchers program together. It's possible that Daniel originally left Kirsten with Ed as he felt staying with her would be dangerous. Kirsten says that Daniel left after her mother died. What if her mother was killed by the same people from whom Daniel is trying to run away and protect Kirsten?

The organization for whom Kirsten works is a top secret government organization, and that's about all she's been told. What if the people Maggie is working for are actually corrupt and want to use the Stitchers program for nefarious reasons? Cameron, the scientist in charge and Kirsten's Stitchers mentor (for all intents and purposes), said that the last person who worked Kirsten's current stitching job couldn't handle the pressure. Perhaps that girl had a break because she saw things she wasn't supposed to see. Maybe that means Maggie herself can't be trusted? Basically all the show has done is provide frustrating open-ended questions which is great for a TV show, but terrible for my overall mental health. Give me answers soon please, guys! Please and thank you.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC Family