10 Outrageous Quotes From Rick Perry That Are Truly SMH Moments For The Presidential Hopeful

Come one, come all. Yup, the GOP added another candidate to its overcrowded bench: Rick Perry is officially running for president. The former Texas governor, known for his outgoing and expressive habits, made the announcement Thursday, and he's already making quite the impression. I mean, it shouldn't be too surprising though given what we've come to expect from him and all of those outrageous Rick Perry quotes.

When Perry ran for president in the 2012 election, his public gaffes and poor choice of words made him the butt of many jokes, more than the average candidate usually inspires, I would say. Whether it was the huge backlash against his anti-gay "Strong" ad or the titters that came during his major flubs in the presidential debates, Perry wasn't a contender then and he isn't a serious contender now. So why the Republican is interested in taking another shot at the White House is a curious choice. Maybe his mistakes of yester-election are in the past. But the reality is what you say can hurt you — and in the case of this story, haunt your next presidential campaign. Because no one ever really forgets that Rick Perry said these ridiculous things.

When He Compared Homosexuality To Alcoholism

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I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that — and I look at the homosexual issue the same way.

Perry was asked whether he thought homosexuality was a disorder when he made the horrible comparison. LGBT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign came back at him by releasing a statement, "Although he may not have the 'genetic coding' to think before he speaks, Rick Perry, M.D. should have a real conversation with actual doctors before voicing his expertise on these issues."

When He Described Roe V. Wade As "Shameful"

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Roe v. Wade is nothing but a shameful footnote in our nation's history books.

Perry's remark came during an anti-abortion rally in Los Angeles, where he encouraged attendees to pressure lawmakers to get rid of the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

When He Used Joan River's Death To Defend An Anti-Abortion Bill

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It was interesting that, when Joan Rivers, and the procedure that she had done where she died, that was a clinic. It’s a curious thought, that if they had had that type of regulations in place, whether or not that individual would be still alive.

To Perry, the gastrointestinal clinic where Rivers fell unconscious was the perfect example to use when championing his pro-life bill, which would have required abortion clinics to meet the same building codes required for hospitals. BTW, this is the same bill former state senator Wendy Davis, in pink sneaks, filibustered for 11 hours.

When He Used The Bible To Justify Income Inequality

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Biblically, the poor are always going to be with us in some form or fashion.

Not sure what Bible Perry is reading, but he might have been trying to reference Mark 14:7, which has Jesus advising his followers, "The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want. But you will not always have me." Or it could be a reference to Deuteronomy 15:11, which says, "There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land."

When He Called The 2008 Economic Crisis A Test From God

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I think in America that from time to time we have to go through some difficult times, and I think we're going through those difficult economic times for a purpose. To bring us back to those biblical principles: Not spending all of our money. Not asking for Pharaoh to give everything to everybody and to take care of folks because at the end of the day, it's slavery.

In case you didn't notice, he also compared people on social welfare to slaves in Egypt asking the pharaoh for things.

When He Called The BP Oil Spill An Act Of God

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From time to time there are going to be things that occur that are acts of God that cannot be prevented.

Perry didn't want the devastating oil spill to stop drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, warning Americans from having a "knee-jerk reaction." Eleven people were killed, and the spill pretty much devastated the Gulf coast's economy and ecosystem.

When He Got The Voting Age And Date Of The 2012 Election Wrong

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Those of you that will be 21 by November the 12th, I ask for your support and your vote. Those of you that won’t be, just work hard.

The election was Nov. 6. The voting age was 18. The 2016 election is Nov. 8. The voting age is still 18.

When He Got The Century Of The American Revolution Wrong

The reason that we fought the [American] Revolution in the 16th century — was to get away from that kind of onerous crown, if you will.

That would be the 18th century.

When He Got The Number Of Supreme Court Justices Wrong

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I trust those independent school districts to make those decisions better than eight unelected and, frankly, unaccountable judges.

There are nine. Wonder who he left out.

When He Thought "Solynda" Was A Country

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No greater example of it than this [Obama] administration sending millions of dollars into the solar industry, and we lost that money. I want to say it was over $500 million that went to the country Solynda.

Perry was trying to attack Obama for his green energy policy when he made this big-time oops. "Solynda" is actually a solar energy company, and its name is actually Solyndra. The firm went bankrupt after it got more than $500 million in federal loan guarantees.

Good luck Perry! Can't wait to see what this election cycle churns out.

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