Rumer Willis Gets 'DWTS' Tattoo And The Meaning Behind It Is So Awesomely Empowering

This is how you celebrate a Dancing With the Stars win! Newly-minted DWTS champ Rumer Willis got a tattoo featuring black and grey dancers on her arm, but the deeper meaning behind it is awesome and empowering. Visually, the intricate and detailed tattoo is done in shades of grey, with a pair of dancers intertwined, their bodies wrapped around one another. The female dancer, presumably Willis herself, who wowed us week with her moves, is leaning back with her arm in the air while being clutched by her starry and faceless male partner. The ink is nestled in the crook of Willis' inner arm, below her armpit but above her elbow.

So while it looks good, what's even more beautiful is the meaning. Willis captioned her Instagram post by explaining why chose this design.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's eldest daughter posted: "I got this as a reminder that what we are searching for can only be found within yourself.... not from your job, how much money you make, who your dating, how many followers you have. The value and love you have for yourself can only come from within and I am so grateful to have had such an incredible experience to help me understand that."

I am almost welling up with tears over the beauty of the sentiment and what the big win taught her.

Some people may think that a show like DWTS is frivolous or for washed-up celebs, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's a cultural phenom and all that dancing takes skill, talent, and discipline. It's hardly easy or capricious!

Willis also has a large lion tattoo with a monstrous mane on her upper arm, which you can see below.

Her birthday is August 16th, which makes her a Leo, astrologically, and that sign is represented by a lion, so there's a connection!

Congrats again to Willis on her big win and for taking home so much more from the experience than a trophy and some further fame.

Images: Rumer Willis/Instagram (2)