Some Rekindling Between Nina and Ian?

Whether this a "WHOOAAA" or an "of course this is happening" is up to you, but: Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev may be hooking up again. Which... yeah. Both. Somehow it's both surprising and a duh.

Some backstory: Somerhalder and Dobrev were together for about three years, but broke up late last spring, supposedly because Dobrev's still a young'un and not ready for all the settlin' down Somerhalder wants. Since then, Dobrev was romantically linked to Dancing With the Stars star/Julianne Hough brother Derek Hough, though those two called it quits due to distance not too long ago.

Now it seems Somerhalder and Dobrev may be circling back to each other, at least according to E! News, who insists the pair are "hooking up" again as of late.

This makes complete sense for many reasons: 1) they were together for three years, many couples backslide a little when they're still spending lots of time together, which 2) they are, because they're still co-starring as a very sexy couple on The Vampire Diaries. Also 3) they're both incredibly attractive, and that is reason enough.

Keep in mind that this is all still raging rumor, no one is officially publicly back together.

But they did deliver puppies together! (Never 4get)