Hillary Clinton Is Selling LGBT "Pride" T-Shirts In Her Online Store & It's The Best Way To Get Pumped For SCOTUS' (Hopefully) History-Making Ruling

Just weeks ahead of the Supreme Court's landmark ruling on gay marriage, one presidential candidate has joined millions of Americans in showing support for marriage equality. And she's making it easier for everyone to display their support with some brand-new merchandise. Hillary Clinton's online shop now has a Pride section, which offers an array of LGBT items, from buttons to tanks. It's the perfect way to support both Hillary for president and universal marriage equality in the U.S. in one dashing outfit. And if you're looking to have a wider range of attire, perhaps a new T-shirt every day until the SCOTUS's decision, there are plenty of other options out there as well.

So far the race for the 2016 primaries has been a tight one for both parties, with every aspect of each candidate's campaign under scrutiny — announcement videos, 404 error pages, and, of course, online merch. Clinton once again has set herself apart from the crowd by being the first candidate to devote a section of her online store to a specific group, the LGBT community. In an email sent to her supporters on Tuesday, Hillary's team announced the new Pride store with the message "Show your pride."

Among the items are stickers featuring Clinton's official H logo rendered in rainbow colors, a T-shirt that says, "Yaaas, Hillary!" incorporating the Internet's favorite expression of excitement, and another shirt with a very important message that echoes one of her most famous quotes, "Gay rights are human rights." Take a look at all the new offerings.

Pride Bumper Sticker Pack, $5

Pride Button Pack, $5

The Hillary Pride Tank, $30

The LGBTQ Vee, $30

The Loud And Proud Tee, $30

Though Clinton's new goods are fantastic and a great starter collection, you'll definitely need more gear if you're planning to show your pride every day leading up to the SCOTUS's decision and perhaps for a few weeks afterwards. Not to worry — there's a vast array of pride t-shirts out there.

Get Over It, $22.40 (Originally $28)

This tee from Look Human has a blunt message for all the people who really need to get with the program, the program being collective progress as a human race.

Unisex Rainbow Mountain T-Shirt, $30

Revel & Riot's rainbow tee sends the perfect graphic message that you're proud to support LGBT rights.

Love Is Love Tee, $20.95

This T-shirt emphasizes that love is inclusive.

Engaged Tee, $29.49

What better way to announce your engagement than with this Engaged tee?

Rainbow Notorious R.G.B., $23.20 (Originally $29)

If there's one Supreme Court justice who's been instrumental in moving the needle on gay marriage, it's been Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Show your appreciation with this RBG pride tank.

Unisex Allies T-Shirt, $30

This T-shirt from Revel & Riot is a reminder that amid the fight for marriage equality, it's important to remember your allies.

Images: HillaryClinton.com, LookHuman.com, RevelandRiot.com, Zazzle.com, Spreadshirt.com