Is Andrew Really Charles DiLaurentis On 'Pretty Little Liars'? He Seems Too Guilty To Be, Well, Guilty

Andrew Campbell, you've got some explaining to do. The Rosewood beau was noticeably absent from the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 premiere, but that doesn't mean he wasn't talked about a lot. Everyone in a Rosewood thinks he's A. Could this be true? Is Andrew really Charles DiLaurentis? My PLL-loving gut tells me no, but I think Andrew is involved in this big A mystery in one way or another. The premiere, "Game On, Charles," sets up that the girls have been MIA for three weeks, and during those three weeks Andrew jumped to the top of the most wanted list. How and why that happened is never explained. All we see is a newscaster stating that he's wanted for questioning, and in the next breath Toby's like "HE'S A." Andrew might be part of the A team, but I don't think he's THE Charles. I think he happens to look very suspicious at just the right time, and that's why he's being dragged into this mess.

Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison, isn't so sure he's A, either (and even if she knows for sure, she still can't tell us). In an interview before the premiere, the actress discussed Andrew and explained, "[He] might not be what you think [he] is, but he's really cool. He came out of nowhere. But at the same time, he was always there... It's this weird dynamic, especially now between him and Aria and why he's doing what he's doing. So, I think the fans will enjoy the outcome of what happens to Andrew for sure."

That right there, "Andrew might not be what you think he is," speaks volumes. We THINK he's A. I feel like that alone is reason enough for fans to cross him off our A list. PLL would never make something like A's big reveal so obvious. Plus, it's always been implied that Charles has been lurking around in the background for a very long time — maybe even before the events of the show — and we met Andrew for the first time in Season 3. He was on the academic decathalon team with Spencer, then was seen again in Season 4 to give her drugs, then disappeared until Season 5 when he started hanging out with Aria. There's no way someone who's been such a minor character, and only for the past few seasons, can be Big A.

For me, it just feels weird that there are suddenly all these clues pointing us towards Andrew. And that's the biggest clue that he's not A. I think he has ties to Charles — whether they're good ties, or bad ties, I'm not sure. But he's not A. And if I'm wrong, all coffee at The Brew is on me. PLL is laying this all out so nicely for us to assume that he's the mastermind behind all of this. Remember that the show loves its red herrings, too. Andrew is a great, big, bright red herring. Do we really need to talk about the time we thought Ezra was A? Or Toby? At least Andrew's in good company.

The only person who can answer these big Andrew questions is Andrew himself. Where is he? You know he's going to come strolling back into Rosewood and be immediately framed for something he didn't do, and that's when — hopefully — the truth will come out. It may not prove him entirely innocent, but it should at least confirm that Pretty Little Liars didn't reveal its biggest mystery through a news report in the Season 6 premiere.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; b***hesbcray/Tumblr