Crain's Lists the Most Powerful Ladies in New York, and IBM's Viriginia Rometty Tops 2013's List

Business magazine Crain's New York Business just published their 2013 list of powerful New York ladies, and it's, well, humbling. These are some heavy hitters.

The "50 Most Powerful Women in New York" takes into account more than just riches—although wealth is still prominent in this list. But these women's accomplishments set this list apart from other less awe-inspiring compilations such as Forbes ' "Billionaires 2013: World's Richest Women," in which most of the ladies had inherited their wealth. Crain's leading ladies come from many walks of life. There's HuffPo Editor in Chief Arianna Huffington and Metropolitan Transport Authority COO Nuria Fernandez, and IBM CEO Virginia Rometty, who tops the list. Most of the descriptions simply talk about the work they have done, but some offer interesting nuggets of how female power is viewed:

  • Maimonides Medical Center President Pamela Brier "relies on a collaborative leadership style."
  • Diana Taylor, managing director of Wolfensohn & Co. (and Mayor Michael Bloomberg's partner), is asked "whether she’s looking forward to a break from her partner’s public life."
  • Crain's makes sure to mention that Jane Rosenthal, chief executive of Tribeca Enterprises, is also the "56-year-old mother of two teen girls."

Kudos to Crain's for acknowledging these women's success and giving them more visibility. Now, if only we could get more women into a "50 Most Powerful People in New York" list, and stop talking about power as a gendered concept.