Glamour Interviewed Kendall & Kylie Jenner, Revealed They Don't Know A Ton About Sewing

First reality television, then social media stardom, followed by fashion industry domination, and now clothing design for one of the most successful fast fashion retailers around... is there anything the Jenner sisters can't do? Kendall and Kylie Jenner sat down with Glamour to talk about their latest ventures, and reading it will teach you a lot about the famous duo.

The highly anticipated Kendall + Kylie Topshop line has finally arrived, and I can barely contain my excitement! The sisters started teasing the collaboration only about a week ago, barely giving us enough time to mentally prepare for the fashion-y goodness that was about to come. Thankfully, the collection did not disappoint. It features super cool bohemian pieces that practically scream Coachella — totally reflective of the duo's quintessential Cali girl style.

I guess after a superb track record of apparel collections for PacSun, it was only a matter of time before they were approached by the big leagues, and personally I am so glad it was this British brand. It's easy to forget that they are still just teenagers — 19 and 17 years old, respectively — when you think about all they've accomplished so far. Quite impressive.

In their interview with Glamour, the Jenner sisters discuss the new collection, their personal style, and who takes longer to get ready. Here are the six things we learned about this famous duo from the interview.

1. Kendall Has Never Sewn Anything Before


Yes, she is now a fashion designer. That doesn't mean, however, that she stitched the clothes herself.

2. The Sisters Have Different Date Night Styles

When asked which pieces from the line they would wear on a date, Kendall went with "The flowy black high-waisted pants and a crop top with lace-up gladiator heels”, while Kylie chose “Our simple white over-the-shoulder T-shirt with jean shorts and cute heels.”

3. Kendall Has Her Own Opinions On How To Style Her Sisters

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kendall told Glamour what pieces from her collection she'd use to style each of her sisters in, saying, “The black pants for Kim, but she’d have to style the rest. She’s too diffi — she can figure her own thing out! The jumpsuit looks good on tall girls, so I’d put Khloe in that. And Kourtney would look cute in the short romper.”

4. Kendall Prefers Casual, While Kylie Gets Fancy

When asked about their personal styles, Kendall says she is much more casual than her sister, and that Kylie "makes sure everything is perfect.” Can't blame a girl for that, right?

Kylie confirms she is way dressier than Kendall, adding "I’ll go to lunch in heels and a dress.”

5. Kendall Gives Excellent Selfie Tips

The supermodel clearly knows how to take a good picture. For an optimal selfie she advises to wear "Something simple like the white cropped tee. I don’t like wearing anything too crazy, because it takes away from the selfie.” Solid advice. Thanks KJ.

6. Kylie Takes 4 Hours To Get Ready

When asked who takes longer to get ready, Kendall shouts "Yes, Kylie. She just took, like, four hours!” LOL.

Both girls bring something different and unique to the collection, which is definitely what makes it so cool. You can shop the line at

Images: Topshop (2); Getty (2); Glamour