7 Reasons The 'Tangled' TV Show Is Going To Be Especially Awesome Now That Rapunzel Has A Badass Female Friend

Tangled is coming to your televisions, folks, and it's slated to be as full of girl-power and independence as the movie. The Tangled television show, which will air on the Disney Channel, isn't scheduled to come out until 2017, but details have already been released about the plot. And you'll be pleased to know: it sounds AWESOME. The show starts off where the movie left off, with Rapunzel getting to know her new home and her long-lost parents, but that is where the similarities stop, because the show will revolve around Rapunzel's decision to put off her marriage (!!!) and her royal duties (!!!) in order to explore the world around her. Now THAT is the kind of princess I can get behind! And the thing that makes the television spin off even more exciting? Rapunzel will be joined by a new female friend: Cassandra, a "tough-as-nails" handmaiden and confidant.

There are so many reasons to be excited about this show and what awesome messages it will undoubtedly send to everyone who watches it. Like how having adventures on your own BEFORE you get married is really important, or how life continues AFTER happily ever after. But the thing I'm most excited for is the friendship between Rapunzel and Cassandra, because LADY FRIENDS ARE THE BEST! Here are all the reasons why throwing a badass friend into the mix of this already awesome plot absolutely rocks.

1. Think of all the awesome hijinks they'll get into together


With another girl along for the ride, there will be even more opportunity to show young girls that they can get dirty, be fearless, and have fun a ton of fun.

2. The world needs more depictions of female friendship


Too often in television and movies, women are either just sidekicks to the male characters or they're duking it out with each other. But lady friends are one of the most amazing things in the world, and showing that to an entire generation of kids is awesome.

3. No more mean girls


The other thing about showing positive examples of friendship between girls is that it will show the world something other than mean girl behavior. Letting kids see girls being nice to one another and helping each other out is a huge step in the right direction.

4. It will prove that girls don't need boys to look after them because they can do just fine on their own


Giving Rapunzel a female sidekick instead of male one (like most Disney movies do) will show that she doesn't need looking after. Girls can kick it just fine on their own.

5. OMG imagine the duets!


It's going to be, like, one long opportunity for duets about independence, girl power, and standing on your own two feet. I'm anticipating the soundtrack already and how every song on it will become my 2017 anthem.

6. Double the opportunity for awesome hair


Although I hope Cassandra is brunette. She sounds like a brunette, right?

7. They'll have other priorities besides love and marriage


So much of what pisses me off about fairy tales is that, if they're about women — even strong women! — they're ultimately about finding a husband and settling down. VOM. But throwing a badass female friend into the mix will switch the focuses away from guys. I'm sure the two of them will be too concerned with having fun to worry about getting a guy.

Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures; Giphy (7)