This Guy Crochets Food-Shaped Hats Because How Can You Not Want To Be Friends With Someone Wearing Pizza On Their Head? — IMAGES

Have you ever thought of something so fanciful, you dismissed its possibility because the of its sheer imaginative enterprise? Melbourne-based textile artist Phil Ferguson makes crochet food hats, proving that whatever the mind can dream up, the person can create. Which should completely inspire you to go ahead and put your next far fetched notion into practice. Because Phil is making it work, and maybe you will too. Phil began creating his amazing crochet food hats when he moved to a new city and was faced with the loneliness of being solitary in a strange place. The hats were a way for him to make friends, and given that we're on the other side of the world writing about him, we'd wager that it worked.

Going by "Chilly Philly" on Instagram, Phil's hats are true masterpieces. Making headgear out of his favorite foods, Phil wears his hunger on his head. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here wishing I had a pizza hat. I don't know where yet, but I'm sure I could find somewhere to wear it. Phil also dabbles in other designs that aren't food related, like an adorable panda hat, a screw, a cactus and a bottle of beer. Phil posts his creations to Instagram in self-portraits featuring him pulling the most melancholy face I believe I have ever seen (except for in his panda hat, which seems to make him smile). Here are some of my favorites:

1. Sad burger

2. Sad doughnut

3. Sad pizza

4. Sad watermelon

5. Sad hotdog

6. Sad avocado

See more at Phil's Instagram and find out more about him in this BBC video:

Images: chiliphilly/Instagram