Kylie Jenner At 17 Vs. My Life At 17

Stars! They're just like us, right? I mean, Kim Kardashian and I both have eyebrows. Kendall Jenner and I both have two feet (AND we both use them to walk with, what are the chances?). I keep up with the Kardashians a lot more than I'd like to admit — via social media, the show, ... their books — and I've learned that Kylie Jenner's life as a 17-year-old is almost identical to my life as a 17-year-old. I said almost. So I thought it would be a good idea to put our lives as two super fun 17-year-olds side-by-side to see how they compare (but mostly so I could see if I could keep up with the Kardashians).

Now, I'm not 17 currently. But I was only six short years ago. 2009 was a good year to be 17. Avatar came out — and I lied that I saw it... Still haven't —, and Parks & Recreation started airing (and I would never be the same). I was also a blossoming high school student in the Chicago suburbs who didn't know what a straightener was until the third quarter on in my seventeenth year. I learned what highlights were that year, as well. What I'm trying to say is that it was a big year for Allison.

So if not seeing Avatar, meeting Leslie Knope, and semi-understanding what to do with my hair makes it a big year for me, I think Kylie Jenner's seventeenth year on Earth can be considered a huge year. This girl ain't slowing down.

Here is how Kylie's life as a 17-year-old compares to my life as a 17-year-old.

Kylie's Dating Life

Kylie is dating the rapper, Tyga. (Fun fact: Tyga stands for "Thank You God Always.")

My Dating Life

There was no dating life. There was no guy's name to acronym.

Kylie's Car

Kylie drives a sharp looking Mercedes.

My Car

I cruised around town in a 2006 Honda Accord like the BAMF I am.

Kylie's Means Of Transportation

Kylie hops on private jets when she needs to get to Vegas for the weekend.

My Means Of Transportation

One time my dad upgraded us to first class on our flight to Los Angeles and I sat next to Reese Witherspoon*.

*A woman who probably wasn't Reese Witherspoon, but looked like her if you squint/close your eyes.

Kylie's Extracurriculars

Kylie does photoshoots in her free time.

My Extracurriculars

I was on pom-poms in high school and we had picture day for the squad. So same thing.

Kylie's Big Accomplishments

Kylie covers magazines like Teen Vogue.

My Big Accomplishments

I convinced my parents to let me get a Sidekick phone with limited data.

Kylie's Look

Kylie's look changes almost every time she posts an Instagram. She's killing the game though.

My Look

I was still in the before phase of the PrinCESS of Genovia's makeover.

Kylie's Job

Kylie has her own hair extension line.

My Job

I worked at Limited, Too, for two months (three or four shifts) and then was "let go" through a mutual decision to part ways.

Kylie's Second Job

Kylie (and sister Kendall) also have a line through Top Shop.

My Second Job

I was the proud vice president of my high school graduating class. Helped plan a sick prom.

Kylie's Breakfast


My Breakfast

I was probably eating just the marshmallows, too, girl.

Kylie's Perks

Kylie gets cool perks through companies like FitTea.

My Perks

My mom would let me eat ice cream once in a while. But just once in a while, since I'm Lactose Intolerant.

Kylie's Reaction To Her Family

My Reaction To My Family

Oh, wait. All 17-year-olds feel the same about their families.

Moral of the story: Kylie Jenner and I are the same person.

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