Everyone Has A Reason to Be Scared on 'Ravenswood'

Previously on Ravenswood, the malicious ghosts that haunt Ravenswood tried to kill the remaining four teens via falling chandelier. This week, several other inanimate objects also try to kill our cast. These items include bikes, set pieces, and drawers. (Luckily, none of these things succeed in doing so).

We open with Caleb typing a heartfelt message to his pretty little liar girlfriend, Hanna. (E-mailing a girl to explain why you're not returning her calls? Come on Caleb, you know better than that). Little does Caleb know that there's another girl in Ravenswood who would love to be his main squeeze — ghost-girl Miranda, whose crush is made all the more creepy by the fact that she can show up whenever he's in a towel. (Being dead totally has perks, am I right, guys?)

Meanwhile, Caleb finally finds a connection to the town: the brother of dead-Caleb, the man from the grave. Henry, Caleb's supposed uncle, is noticeably freaked out by Caleb's reappearance. Henry hands Caleb a key to the basement of the school. But what answers lay beneath the high school?

Unlike his friends, Luke is hesitant to jump aboard the ghost-hunting train. That's good, because his English teacher has coerced him to join the cast of Our Town alongside Olivia's ex-BFF Tess. But while we assumed that Tess was just a social-climbing bitch, there may be more to her than meets the eye. After an awkward stage kiss with Luke, she shares one of her most humiliating middle school horror stories (it involves a lisp and hot roasted "peanuts"... I think you can figure this one out on your own).

But while Luke may want to run away from the ghosts, he simply can't escape them, as witnessed by the suicide of a raven into his bicycle spoke and the attempted crushing of his skull via set piece. Luke has bad mojo, and instead of confronting it, he breaks things off with Remy — she's a constant reminder that things will only get worse. (Uh, yeah, welcome to this show).

Olivia and Miranda finally have their first ghostly girl talk time (yay!). Unfortunately, their girl talk is mostly about how Liv is worried that Miranda's Uncle Collins may have something to do with her father's murder (the men had bad blood between them, because of course they did). The girls hit the morgue and find out that Miranda's uncle collects more than just dead bodies... he also has a collection of dead teenager's hair. Ugh, get more creepy, please.

While Miranda is happy that the four friends can communicate with her, there is one other person that she had hoped to see: her dead mother. But just as Miranda was losing all hope that her mother would ever find her in the afterlife, in comes Miranda's mother, ready to whisk her away into the white light. Have we lost Miranda for good?

Next week will be the last episode of Ravenswood of 2013 (boo, because this show is super fun) and features none other than Hanna of Pretty Little Liars (intercut on a phone call, at least).

What answers will we get in next week's episode? And can we possibly hold out for the mystery to unravel come January? Most importantly, will we ever get a flashback of Tess' hot roasted peanuts story?

Image: ABC Family