The 6 Best Places To Celebrate Gay Marriage Being A Constitutional Right In Denver

At last, gay marriage is legal nationwide, and it's about time. Although gay marriage has been legal in Colorado for months, there's still reason to celebrate. Now Coloradans don't have to worry about moving to a state that doesn't allow same-sex marriage or fear it being overturned somehow. The U.S. Supreme Court's decision is definitive and final, so we can all rest easy and celebrate the gay marriage decision in Denver.

Though Denver had already legalized gay marriage, it happened fairly recently and in a very roundabout way. After a Denver-based federal appeals court ruled that bans on gay marriage in Utah and Oklahoma were unconstitutional and the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal, same-sex marriage effectively became legal in Colorado in October 2014. Before that, the state was issuing civil unions to same-sex couples. Legal gay marriage was thrust upon Colorado just as it's now being thrust upon the 13 states that banned same-sex marriage before SCOTUS's monumental decision.

The nationwide marriage equality decision deserves a huge celebration. Denver's PrideFest is always a big party, so the mile-high city will no doubt be in celebration mode for SCOTUS' historic ruling. Here are the six best places to celebrate the same-sex marriage decision in Denver.



Charlie's is Denver's oldest LGBTQ country bar. With karaoke and dancing, you can celebrate gay marriage with your favorite country tunes.

Hamburger Mary's


If you like to celebrate with a burger and drinks, Hamburger Mary's on East 17th Avenue is the place for you. Drag Queen Bingo, Mary-oke, and cabaret drag shows make this eatery the perfect gay hangout.



One of Denver's best gay nightclubs, Tracks is bound to be have a huge crowd partying in honor of SCOTUS' decision. What better way to honor gay marriage than to dance the night away?

City O City


This vegan restaurant turns into a low-key bar at night and is the perfect place to quietly toast the ruling with a small group of friends, alone, or with everyone else at the bar.

X Bar


X Bar's motto is "Drink. Laugh. Dance.," and that's exactly how you should celebrate gay marriage being legalized nationwide. This gay-friendly bar has a DJ, dancing, an outdoor patio, and drag queen bingo, so it's really a no-brainer.

Denver Wrangler


Denver Wrangler on Logan Street has been open for 16 years and has a reputation as one of Denver's top gay bars. There are plenty of drinks and gay men to go around.

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