9 Reasons 'Real Housewives Of New York's Dorinda Medley Would Be The Best BFF

As many fans of the Real Housewives franchise know, there are very few housewives who actually seem real for longer than a season. Heather, in Real Housewives of Orange County, seemed like a dose of normalcy in an otherwise crazy world — but then that whole cake bow thing happened, and she lost all credibility. Real Housewives of New York's Kristin seemed like she could be a girl to get along with... until she lost it on Heather when they were geocaching. Hell, even Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville arrived for her first season on the show as the odd man out whom we all felt bad for when the Richards sisters ganged up on her — but we know how that turned out. In short, most housewives may come be introduced to the franchise in relatively normal fashion during their first season, but it's never long before they head down to drama town. However, against all odds, this hasn't been the case with the newest housewife to join the franchise: Real Housewives of New York 's Dorinda Medley has proven herself to be one of the most real, intriguing women on the show — and, personally, someone I really sort of want to be best friends with.

Why, you ask ? There are plenty of reasons why Dorinda would make an awesome best friend — they've been piling up all season — but on Tuesday night's episode, when Dorinda invited the group to her house in the Berkshires, she proved that she really is one of the best housewives in housewife history. She's calm, caring, and often the most reasonable one in the group. It's for these reasons and so many more that we should all want Dorinda as our best friend.

Need more proof? Here are a few more:

1. She's Always The Voice Of Reason

Amidst the craziness of New York and the housewives there, Dorinda is always the one provide a voice of reason when someone asks for it. She's never in the middle of any drama, which is what every girl needs in a friend.

2. She Is Able To Be Honest Without Alienating The Other Women

I thought all hell was going to break loose when Dorinda called Kristin out on flirting with John. It was a bold move, and kinda true — but Kristin's defensive response fell away when Dorinda explained to her that she just wanted everyone to stop talking about John and get to know the side of him that she sees on a regular basis. All the anger and accusations were off the table at that point. She was real about her feelings and her needs, and that is what her friends love about her.

3. She Has Perspective


Unlike some of the other housewives, Dorinda has been through a lot. She lost the love of her life when her husband died, and that gave her real perspective on the things that really matter in life. Turns out: Housewife drama is not one of them.

4. She Comes From A Normal Upbringing


Can we talk for a minute about that story Dorinda told about her mason father working on the house that her husband would eventually buy for her? I mean, tears. Real tears everywhere from that story. But really: Because she wasn't raised with a majorly privileged upbringing, she can relate to more easily to people. This is a quality that every best friend should have.

5. She Is A Romantic


Can we talk for another minute about that house story? I mean, seriously — she told her husband about the house on the hill that she used to dream of owning some day, and then her husband BOUGHT IT FOR HER. I just. I just can't. That is the stuff of fairy tales. And you know she would always want her best friend to seek out just as much romance and love for yourself.

6. She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

I'll be honest: I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop on Dorinda all season. But, when she opened up about how she was just starting to date her husband when she turned 40, and how she couldn't have imagined not celebrating with him when she turned 50, my heart went out to her. She's genuine with her feelings for the people she loves, and I have no doubt she'd be just as open and honest with her BFFs.

7. She Sticks Up For The People She Loves

When the girls were all talking about John behind her back, she put her foot down and instead talked about all of the ways John has supported her through the years, and how much she loves him for it. You know she'd have your back like that as her BFF, too.

8. She Is A Good Listener

Always the one staying away from the drama, Dorinda is the one housewife who actually listens. Having a friend who listens first and responds later is so important.

9. You'd Always Have A Place To Stay In The Berkshires

The Berkshires are amazing, guys. OK, I'm a little biased, because I did grow up there — but, seriously: Summers at Tanglewood, winter skiing at Jiminy Peak, and falls spent watching the leaves change on Dorinda's amazing porch? SIGN ME UP.

Image: Giphy (4); Bravo (5)