Watch "100 Years Of Fashion Under 2 Minutes" And Watch Major Trends Flash Before Your Eyes

My light-washed flared jeans and lime green flowy tank top were among my favorite items in my wardrobe in the 2000s, and I used to strut my stuff in that exact outfit to the middle school dance. Thankfully, fashions come and go, so while 2000s fashion had a moment, so did many other trends, as featured in Mode's new video highlighting 100 years of American fashion.

The lifestyle blog worked with the stylist Soothing Sista and YouTube user Stephanie Villa to showcase America's biggest trends in the past century, showing us just how stylish Americans truly were (minus the 2000s Laguna Beach trend).

The video begins with the seriously covered up 1910s, with an emerald green dress, hat with feather included, oh, and what's that? A parasol. Could definitely use one of those this summer to combat the insane New York City heat. And as the video moves on, we're brought to 1925, right in the middle of the flapper age. Curls, pearls, and white gloves all pull together the Gatsby-inspired look.

As we pass along the '30s, we get to my favorite decade: The 1940s. Outfitted in a matching skirt and jacket combo, the model also carries a boxed bag resembling a briefcase. As WWII came to a close, women still kept their positions in the work force, even after their husbands had returned from war. And as a result? Fabulous shoulder pads. And we can thank Dior for introducing the cinched-at-the-waist jackets that made their way to the U.S. all the way from France.

Oh, and then there's the '50s. Again, with the closing of the second World War, fabrics became more readily available with the end of rationing off materials. Bright colors and luxurious fabrics were shown off, and I am in love with this matching jacket and hat combo bright enough to blind anyone out of a hangover.

Fast forward to the '60s, and we got the Jackie O-inspired aesthetic. Did I mention how amazing all of the hats are in this video? In this particular decade, the pillbox hat was introduced by our legendary style icon, Jackie. In this decade, black became the definition of chic. The tweed skirt and top combination reigned supreme, and I'm all about it.

Enter the '70s, and of course, we're met with extreme bell bottoms in this pretty amazing denim jumpsuit. Oversized sunnies, chunky boots, hoop earrings, and a funky headscarf all pull this groovy look together.

As we move on to the '80s and '90s, we're met with fashion that's especially coming back today: big hair and bold colors from the '80s, and dresses, combat boots, and chokers from the '90s. As mentioned, the 2000s were a disaster. But hey, it was hot at the time!

And finally, we reach 2015, where the model is donning boyfriend jeans, a white tank, lace up heels, and a leather jacket. And fittingly, taking a selfie. As the saying goes, fashions fade, but style is eternal. Pick certain pieces and aesthetics from the different decades, and you'll stay stylish forever.

Watch the full video below.

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Images: Mode, Mode Glam/Youtube