'Power' Season 1 Recap: 8 Things You Need To Know Before Ghost & The Drama Return

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June is finally here! Aside from beach weather and summer break, June also means the return of one of the best summer shows airing right now: 50 Cent's Power on Starz. This series is easily one of the only highlights of hiatus-season and, if you haven’t already discovered the nearly flawless, action packed first season of the series, catch up with our Power Season 1 recap.

Power's first season centers around James St. Patrick (better known as Ghost), a very successful businessman that's running a popular nightclub in New York, raising his kids with his wife Tasha, and just so happens to also be top dog in the drug world. He’s already living a double life as a drug dealer with a legitimate business front and it only gets more complicated when he reconnects with his first love, a beautiful lawyer named Angela. Complicated enough for you? We’re just getting started.

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