These Magnetic Makeup Brushes Will Make Cleaning Your Beauty Tools Super Easy

We've come a long way when it comes to makeup application. We started from the bottom by using the foam-tipped, tiny applicators in our drugstore compacts, and now we're here: using quality makeup tools like a grown woman should. Still, no matter how good your products are, cleaning your brushes is key. These new magnetic makeup brushes will turn the beauty chore into a quick, easy process.

Most of us aren't cleaning our makeup brushes as often as we should because the dry time is long and inconvenient. While plenty of new and innovative products like brush cleaning gloves exist, there still hasn't been a solution to the long and painful time it takes for freshly washed brushes to dry, so one entrepreneur created a solution.

Australian makeup artist Rae Morris created magnetic brushes that can hang from just about anywhere, allowing moisture to evaporate quickly and not seep into the brush handle. The brushes can attached to any magnetic field, from your table to your refrigerator.

Each makeup brush is made with cruelty-free hair, drying faster than synthetic substitutes. The barrel of the handles contains a magnet that allows it to stand atop Morris' signature steel base plate as well, creating a pretty and functional display.

Although beautiful, the set is pretty pricey. You'll burn $270 into your bank account with this purchase, but it's arguably worth it. Cleaner makeup brushes last longer, use less product, and apply makeup more evenly and efficiently, not to mention, you won't be spending money on having to treat breakouts.

Morris recently expanded her magnetic range to launch the Iconic Collection, including nine "can't live without" brushes and a travel case so you can clean and dry your tools on the go.

Still not sure how to clean makeup brushes properly? Below, you can see how Morris chooses to clean her makeup brushes and how she dries them with her magnetic brushes.

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Image: RaeMorris/Facebook