Volcom Teams Up With Grouplove Singer Hannah Hooper For A Six-Piece Collection

For those of you familiar with indie band Grouplove, you probably know that their vocalist/keyboardist Hannah Hooper is pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that a major brand approached Hooper about creating a collection. Hooper agreed, and voila, a six-piece Volcom collaboration titled 'Lady Grouplove' was born.

Hooper used her fine arts background—when she's not making music, she's painting—and minimalist aesthetic to create a few prints for the collection, including a pattern with simple triangles and squares that was used for a pair of harem pants and a jacket. She also used her artistic abilities to draw an Egyptian eye on a bralette and a pair of leggings. The collection is definitely reminiscent of Hooper's one-of-a-kind stage style.

While this is the first time Hooper has partnered with a fashion brand, she is definitely not a clothing design novice. Hooper designed all of Grouplove's merchandise and has had a hand in painting some of her husband's (bandmate Christian Zucconi) t-shirts.

The six-piece collection will be available on June 15 in roughly 120 locations, including Volcom stores and Volcom's largest national retailer, Tilly's. Hooper says that she hopes this collaboration with Volcom is the first of many.

"I really feel like we made something that I can identify with and, most important, a line I can wear," says Hooper. "I felt right at home with the Volcom ladies so the Lady Grouplove for Volcom line came together pretty effortlessly."

Image: Volcom