'Fantasia' Gets Live-Action Remake & We've Already Got The Costumes Sorted

If Maleficent and Cinderella weren't enough to satisfy your live-action Disney fix and if the cast pics of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast makeover didn't get you excited, the latest news will definitely have you donning your mouse ears and lining up outside the theater. Disney announced yesterday that their animated classic Fantasia will be getting the live-action treatment with an upcoming remake.

Fantasia will join a long list of fan-favorite Disney movies due for a live-action makeover, such as The Jungle Book, Mulan, and Dumbo. And if this reimagining of this classic is anything like the visual beauty of the original, we're in for a cinematic wonder. Reportedly, the film will focus on the Night on Bald Mountain animated musical sequence of the classic film and is in its early stages of development. I have one thing to say to this news, and that's "YAS."

One of best parts of all these live-action remakes? The costumes, of course! We certainly will not be forgetting the luxe gown Cate Blanchett wore as the evil stepmother in Cinderella or any one of Angelina Jolie's killer looks in Maleficent anytime soon. So of course, we can't help but imagine what those real-life Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 characters might have hanging in their closets.

Here are just a few ideas. Costume department, you're welcome.

Yen Sid from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

000aletse on YouTube

"The Dance of the Hours'" Madame Upanova

Graciela Alfaro on YouTube

The Dancing Broomsticks

Disney UK on YouTube

"The Nutcracker Suite's" Goldfish

chiasma16 on YouTube

Spring Sprite from "The Firebird Suite"

John Melmoth on YouTube

Sorcerer Mickey

jacksback13 on YouTube

Even if these ensembles don't wind up on a movie screen near you, at least you've got your premiere night outfit sorted!

Image: Walt Disney Pictures