Kanan Is Out Of Jail On 'Power' & He's Got A Nasty Plan To Take Ghost Out Of The Game

This is just too much to process right now. The Power Season 2 premiere packed an insane amount of plot into its first episode back, but the only thing I want to talk about is Kanan. Yes, he's played by 50 Cent (who is also the Executive Producer of the show) and yes, when I first saw him in Season 1 I had a hard time separating him from his public persona. But, man, he has completely exceeded my expectations, going from a small cameo to a major player now that he is out of jail. We could tell by the end of Season 1 that he wasn't really Ghost's friend and mentor — that was clearly just a facade. And Saturday night's episode erased any doubt that he took out the hit on Ghost. Now that he's out of jail Kanan is trying to kill Ghost and take over his drug empire — and it's going to be bloody.

Kanan's motives were a little murky until he had a nice little catch up session with an old friend from jail. Apparently, Kanan saved his life while they were locked up and he's now putting his whole gang behind Kanan. In a neat little bit of exposition, Kanan explained how he manipulated Ghost into killing Rolla so he'd end up isolated and unsupported. Kanan's next step was to kill Ghost and use Tommy for his drug running connections and, once he was set up as the drug-king, Tommy would get it. The hit failed (thank goodness) and now plans have changed, but not that much.

Kanan is still DEFINITELY planning a hostile takeover of Ghost's empire — and no one has any idea. It's a testament to 50 Cent's acting chops here that Kanan is such a threat. He's the new big bad in town and Ghost needs to catch on, quick.

Images: idreamreality89,hornyhoechlin/Tumblr