J. Lo Is Starring In A TV Series

The request we all forgot to make has been answered despite us not doing our due diligence. Or is it just me? It feels like Jennifer Lopez has never left television, considering she has judged American Idol and appeared on shows like How I Met Your Mother and Will and Grace, but her last main role in a series hasn't happened since 1994. That's 11 years we've gone without being able to watch J. Lo act her heart out on the small screen on a regular basis. Thankfully, that dry spell is about to end. Apparently, Lopez is returning to TV with the new NBC cop drama, Shades of Blue. The promo that she shared on her Twitter will make you wish there was a Praise Hands emoji you could make appear in real life whenever you wanted to bow to a queen.

According to The Huffington Post, Shades of Blue "follows the detectives who keep their city safe, but are also corrupt. Lopez is producing alongside Ryan Seacrest, among others, while Barry Levinson is directing." In addition to producing, the pop star is playing "Det. Harlee Santos, a single mother [whose] love for her daughter keeps her grounded on the job." The promo isn't so much a collection of footage from the upcoming show as it is the actors talking about their characters, and about the show in general, but it's still enough to whet your appetite for the full series.

However, with J. Lo making her triumphant series television return, I can't help but think of other kinds of television shows that I'd like to see her take the lead role in. After all, it can't be said that she's not a phenomenal actress, so, if the whole Shades of Blue thing works out so well that she decides she wants to do several TV series, here are just a few I think she'd be great at.

1. A Medical Drama

John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Along the same vein as Grey's Anatomy and House, I could see Lopez playing a badass doctor or medical intern who isn't here to make friends as she rises to the top of her field. She would bring a lot of emotional gravitas to the characters, so the writers would probably end up putting her through the ringer to make sure she has plenty of material to worth with.

2. A Political Thriller


If you can't see Lopez strutting around any state a la Olivia Pope on Scandal, then we must not be looking at the same pop star. Maybe she could star as a campaign manager for an unconventional presidential candidate that she is determined to get to the White House, no matter what she has to do, or who she has to kill, to get them there.

3. A Musical Comedy


Well, duh. Do I even need to explain this one?

4. A Sitcom


Lopez does comedy very well, so I think she would be great for a sitcom — especially a family-based sitcom that will allow her to star with at least one child that she is raising with a bumbling dad or even as a single mother getting up to shenanigans. The combination of Lopez with children has always been adorable to me.

5. An Anthology


Calling True Detective. If you're looking for the star of Season 3, then I've found her for you right here.

6. A Biopic


If Lopez can successfully play Selena, then she can definitely portray someone in a biopic mini-series or even a full series. Anyone, really. I would totally be here for it.

7. An Animated Series


If we can't get her as a full-fledged, in-person actress, then at the very least she should do some more voice acting on TV. I hear Tangled is about to become a cartoon series...

Check out the Shades of Blue promo below.

Image: YouTube; Getty Images (7)