LeBron James Loves 'Pitch Perfect 2' & Rebel Wilson Really Appreciates This Cross-Pop-Cultural Exchange

Fat Amy has a brand new superstar fan! LeBron James has joined the ever-growing league of people who adore Rebel Wilson's hilarious Pitch Perfect character. LeBron James praised Fat Amy and Pitch Perfect 2, according to the New York Daily News. He dished to reporters at a press conference about what he does in his downtime and reavealed his soft spot for the movie:

I went to the movies last week at a regular movie theater. I went to go see, um — what's the movie with the girls and they be singing? Pitch Perfect 2, which is unbelievable. Fat Amy is awesome. I love her, wherever you are, you're awesome.

Once you get past the hilarity of James playing it cool and pretending like he didn't know the name of the movie he saw, you can really appreciate how awesome it is that he specifically praised the character Fat Amy. James, being one of America's biggest athletes, might not strike you as someone who would enjoy such a character or this type of movie, for that matter, but this praise continues to show Fat Amy's wide appeal across a range of audiences — and it's really a beautiful thing. And on top of that, it also continues the awesome trend of professional athletes publicly admitting to enjoying the movie as a whole.


Much has been written about Fat Amy's funny quotes, her role in the triumph of a "girl movie," and countless think pieces about how she can help promote self confidence. If James can chime in and show support for a character like that, it only solidifies her magnetism, as well as the movie's.

And as everyone who has seen the movie knows, James is not the first star athlete to praise the film in general. James follows a list of Packers football players who enjoyed the first Pitch Perfect so much that they ended up making a cameo in the sequel. And make a cameo they did, singing a cappella and all. Though the Cavaliers player did not drop any hints about wanting to take up a cappella himself, he is trying his hand at acting, and will appear in the upcoming movie Trainwreck starring Amy Schumer.

James definitely wanted Fat Amy's actress to know that he greatly approved. And luckily for him, Wilson let him know that the message was definitely received. She tweeted,

Thanks @KingJames for the shout out today, your taste in movies is as amazing as your basketball!

It is really great to see this unlikely duo passing each other compliments in the media sphere, even though they do very different types of work. Hopefully, this will lead to other stars shouting each other out for doing work that they enjoy, especially if they are doing something that you would not expect them to like. Pop cultural exchange is always a positive thing, so kudos to both of them!

Image: Getty Images