Ombré Beauty and Fashion Is Dead. Here's How to Get Over It.

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I have some very bad news: Ombré is dead. Yes, the trend that launched a thousand copycat hairstyles is no longer a trend, but an oversaturated, tired throwback to 2012 chic. So why are we still wearing it head to toe? People, we need to let go of our all-consuming ombré lifestyle and move on to a healthier way of styling ourselves. This dip-dyed craze been going on for far too long, and as much as I love it — guys, I still have ombré hair — I know that we need to let it die peacefully.

Ombré was one of those trends, like neon, that caught on like subtly-shaded wildfire and just never left. It's still smoldering in the corners of our wardrobes and at the ends of our hair. Look at us! Here we are, years after ombré became a thing, and we just can't quit it.

Image: lightven/Fotolia

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