No, Harry Styles Does Not Get Sheep Placenta Facials, But Thank You For Asking

Because this is the world we live in, the question of whether Harry Styles gets sheep placenta facials is out there and, perhaps even more surprisingly, he even gave the rumor a response. Yep, the singer responded to a gossip so hilariously ridiculous that it comes in second to the chatter that Zayn Malik was rejoining One Direction (sad face)

The rumors began back in March, when Beverly Hills dermatologist and esthetician Louise Dechamps claimed to Grazia that she administers the sheep placenta facials to Styles. I'm LOLing already.

"Harry comes to see me. It's not unusual for young men to come to me," she told the U.K. publicatoin at the time, which sounds just a tiny bit creepy if you ask me. According to the Daily Mail, the ~treatment~ (which literally involves mixing stem cells from sheep placenta with tiny gold flakes and rubbing it on someone's face) runs about $600. Casual.

"He gets all clogged up," the sheep dermatologist continued. "Putting on makeup all the time and traveling a lot plays havoc with his skin. He's just so adorable. He takes care of himself and loves the facials. He likes to look good and have good skin." Um, OK. Too bad this is all false, according to Harry Styles himself. (Well, the sheep stuff is. I assume he doesn't mind having a flawless face to match his flawless voice and personality and hair.)

"See, this is very strange because that never happened," Styles told Ryan Seacrest in response to the whole lamb beauty routine thing. "I think my sister sent me the story and was like, 'What are you doing?'" Meanwhile, he had no idea what Gemma Styles was talking about because that sheep cray.

"I think I just do a pretty standard ... yeah, I wash my face," he said of real-life skin care regimen. "But I don't use any part of a sheep, I don't think. No sheep." <-- Pretty much the best sentence that has ever come out of Harry Styles' mouth.

In addition to the sheep shenanigans, Styles also talked about actual important things, like One Direction's upcoming fifth album and if there is any truth to the rumors that he's going solo, which he carefully deflected like the media-trained pro that he is:

We have the album and the tour that we’re working on right now. I think when you have so many goals that you feel like you have yet to achieve, it’s hard to kind of see past those. It’s important to kind of focus on what’s going on and don’t kind of lose track. So we’re all working hard towards the same thing right now, and I don’t think we’re thinking much past that. I think we’re just having a lot of fun and we’re working hard and we’re having a good time.

You can listen to Harry Styles' entire interview with Ryan Seacrest below.

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