The Rita Ora "Poison" Video Features Some Serious Beauty Inspiration

Rita Ora may have picked her poison, but when it comes to nailing down a beauty look, she’s still experimenting. Ora's “Poison” video went live on her YouTube channel Wednesday and while I’m diggin’ the new track (it is quite catchy), I’m obsessing over her throwback beauty looks. Go glam or go home, indeed, eh Ms. Ora?

I’m all for keeping up with the times, but I’m even more pro past beauty inspo. With so many style icons and beauty trends to date, why stick to only what’s modern? We’ve got the fru-fru fifties, swinging sixties, hippie lovin’ seventies, retro eighties and alternative nineties. It's called a “blast” from the past for a reason, friends; when you look back on styles from decades ago, there may have been some major donts, but let us not forget what was and still should be a do.

Beauty basics are as follows: hair, face, eyes and lips. The good news? Each were equally represented and fabulously transformed every other second (I'm almost being literal here) in Ora’s video while she poses alongside male models for one demanding photographer she blindly falls for. The bad news? I’m struggling to choose a favorite! I guess I’ll just have to give each a try.

1. Let's Talk About Braids Baby

The British performer has got the confidence to rock these braids, and if you do too, then by all means! Make sure you've got a pair of Ray Band Aviators to complete the look.

2. Red Lips and Furry Coats

Someone explain to me why a bold red lip and fur anything always makes sense?

3. Disco Glam

There's pretty much nothing better than severe black eyeliner, exaggerated eyelashes and a blush pink lip.

4. Long Hair Don't Care

Those bouncy curls, though.

5. Glitter Eyes

This messy bun with falling curls and glittery eye shadow combo is basically everything. It's got that post-prom I'll-take-off-my-dress-but-the-makeup-and-hair-survive-the-night vibe.

6. Feathers, Feathers Everywhere

I mean, head bangs were once a thing. I'm sure we could make feather crown/tiara/hat things work too.

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Images: Screenshots