How To Get Free Taco Bell This Weekend

Shout out to all the high school kids who are graduating this year! And as a present, I bring you good news: If you stuck it out til the end of grade 12 and are now graduating, you can use your shiny new diploma to get free food during Taco Bell's National Graduation Day Celebration! When your parents told you that staying in school would pay off, little did they know that would be true so soon.

This Saturday, June 6th, graduates can show their high school ID and a Taco Bell Graduation Day ad on their phone and receive a free Doritos Locos Taco. It's part of Taco Bell's #RecognizePotential campaign, which encourages kids to stay in school. Because while the prospect of a free taco probably isn't incentive enough on its own to keep kids hitting the books, it is important that kids get an education, and Taco Bell is hoping to help. Their Graduate for Más program provides resources, including scholarships and career planning help for teens.

Plus, they're going to give you a free taco.

This promotion is available at all Taco Bell locations, and "is open to any person who has or will graduate high school in 2015, presents a high school ID, [and] shows the ad for this promotion via printout or on a mobile device."

The ad in question, by the way, is right here:

So are you wondering what your diploma is good for? Are you craving tacos? Head to Taco Bell! It's good practice for all the scouting for free food that you'll probably do in college.

And if you want to further support Taco Bell's efforts to keep kids in school, you can donate in stores this weekend, or online any time at the Taco Bell Foundation website.

Stay hungry, Class of 2015!

Image: Taco Bell/Facebook