JGL's Hair Isn't The Craziest Part Of 'The Walk'

by Kenya Foy

In the latest round of news about films dealing with the subjectof death-defying stunts, the global trailer for The Walk starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt has arrived — and if you're a thrill-seeker at heart, I can assure that you will surely be pleased by the visuals. The Robert Zemeckis-directed film is based on the true story of famed high-wire artist Philippe Petit, who, in 1974, set out to traverse the space between the World Trade Center's Twin Towers by walking across a thin wire. Clearly, this nail-biting feat was a daredevil move of Evil Knievel proportions — and luckily for those who enjoy a good height-induced scare, the preview doesn't hold back on those heart-stopping moments.

Adding to the trailer's intensity is the realization that, after The Walk premieres at the New York Film Festival in September, it will be shown in theaters everywhere in IMAX 3-D. The mere thought of seeing Gordon-Levitt hover 110 feet above the NYC pavement will probably cause anyone with the mildest of height phobias to shiver with fear, so obviously the idea of it in 3-D makes it an even scarier scenario. That said, whether it’s your undying JGL love or your commitment to extreme stunts that lead you to the theater, there’s no way you should miss out on witnessing Gordon-Levitt rocking a stylin' '70s-era wig and pulling off a surprisingly convincing French accent. Oh, and of course you can't miss out on the stunts.

Go ahead and watch with one eye open if you must, but check out seven extreme moments from The Walk trailer:

Glaring At The Walk From Above

Whatever you do, don't look down. Just try to focus on the fact that you're not the one suspended in mid-air while balancing on one leg.

Stepping On A Nail

OK, so in no way is this moment the absolute scariest in a high-wire artist's life — but if you've ever had the misfortune of stepping on a nail, you probably agree that the experience is certainly intense... not to mention painful.

The Hat Falling

Hm, I wonder if this hat-dropping scene is symbolic for what could go terribly wrong during Petit's dangerous stunt.

Staring Up

So, I thought this might be more tolerable than looking down. It's not.

Jumping The Wire On The Side Of A Building

GAH! What sane person would do this?

The Actual Walk

Oh boy... here we go. If his palms are anywhere near as sweaty as mine, then I'm seriously worried.

The Near-Fall During The Walk

I dare you to watch this scene and not flinch every single time.

Check the trailer below.

Images: Sony Pictures; Sony Pictures/YouTube (7)