Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" Music Video Is A Trip

By Kaitlin Reilly

Most people can probably pinpoint a Lana Del Rey song when they hear it — but, in the case of "Video Games," the most quintessential Lana Del Rey song ever, there's no question. The dreamy, haunting tune was one of the very first Del Rey songs to hit the radio, and it successfully cemented her status as a singer-songwriter to watch. "Video Games" may be a love song, but it's also a love song that has the ability to make you unbearably sad, with lyrics like "Heaven is a place on Earth with you," and "they say that the world was built for two/ Only worth living in if somebody is loving you." It's all a blend of joy and anguish, and it's that contradiction that makes it so interesting. Of course, "Video Games" would be not nearly as interesting if it were not for its accompanying music video, which, like the song itself, is as bizarre as it is transfixing.

Del Rey is the master of the music video (just check out "Born To Die" for reference) and "Video Games" plays out like a short film. It has a home movie feel to it, cutting between stock footage and movie scenes, and scenes of ultimate sad lady Del Rey crooning the song to the camera. It's quite a trippy experience, and watching it once is simply not enough. Here are the moments from the "Video Games" music video that you might have completely forgotten about:

The Weird Dreamscape

It has nothing to do with the rest of the music video. Absolutely nothing. But isn't it pretty?

The Very Accurate Text

Here she is, looking tan and miserable. Classic Del Rey!

This Insane Swing Flip

All your childhood goals, achieved.

The Celebrity Slip Up

The video also heavily featured a real-life, now-infamous clip of Paz de la Huerta drunkenly stumbling after the 2011 Golden Globes.

The Dancing Silhouettes

Creepy? Absolutely.

This Lovely Bike Scene

Why all of us need a motorcycle-riding beau from the '60s.

This Skateboard Fail


This Weird Pulsing Rose

Extremely trippy.

Del Rey's Home Movie

Her lack of blinking makes me nervous. That's probably the intention.

Watch the whole video below:

Images: LanaDelReyVEVO/YouTube (9)