Makeup Remover Wipes Can Remove Clothing Stains In A Pinch, So Be Sure To Carry A Pack In Your Purse

I can't tell you how many times I've drunkenly gotten into bed, full face of makeup, and woken up to red lip stains all over my bed. Not to mention mascara, eyeliner, and blush, creating works of art on my pillow. And while they can be beautiful, it's definitely not the most sanitary, but luckily, I just learned that makeup remover wipes remove clothing stains as well.

According to Lipstick, this is an trick that's been used backstage at fashion shows. Not surprisingly, the chemicals that can take makeup off your skin can do the same to your clothes, unless it's something like silk, that will definitely produce a water-spot. But for cotton? You're all good to go. Lipstick describes it like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Next time you're wearing cotton, smear makeup on yourself, or are in a bind, try this trick out. While it's not exactly rocket science, I never really thought about doing it before and would just throw my sheets and clothes in the laundry. But if I'm on the go and encounter this problem, this is definitely a solution I'll be trying out.

Also, weird things that happen to remove stains? Artificial sweetener. Bizarre, right? This applies mostly to oil stains, but we've all been there eating french fries and dropping one on our laps. Something about the fine powder easily sops up grease and oil stains. For ink stains (and probably for liquid eyeliners too!), try milk. Soak overnight and throw in the laundry the next day, and you've got a stain-free garment. Hairspray too has similar effects as milk—spraying an ink stain generously should rub that stain right off. All tips thanks to Reader's Digest.

You know the classic saying, "pain is beauty." You know what else beauty is? Messy. Make it all a little easier with these tricks up your sleeve.

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