11 Plus Size Rockabilly Fashion Pieces For The Gorgeous Pinup Babe In You

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I love rockabilly fashion, but I especially love plus size rockabilly fashion. Nothing makes me feel more babely than putting together a look inspired by my favorite pinup models or the Pink Ladies. The rockabilly look is a mix of classic, quirky, and downright sexy that I simply can't resist. (Plus, any excuse to put a flower in my hair is a good one!)

For a long time, however, I was way too intimidated by the idea of trying to dress my size 22 frame in anything that remotely resembled pinup. Thankfully, through experience, I've found there's actually nothing to be afraid of. In fact, Tess Holliday began as a pinup and rockabilly model. So, if you need some inspiration, give her past photo shoots and videos a look. And if you think that rockabilly/pinup inspired clothing is only made for straight-size girls, I am so thrilled to tell you're wrong! Plenty of plus size brands make gorgeous vintage inspired clothing that fits into the rockabilly style and will make you feel like a million bucks.

Don't know where to start? Check out these 11 adorable pieces (which I will for sure be adding to my closet) that will land you in a malt shop with a greaser in no time.

Image: Georgina Horne/Claire Seville Photography

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