Kendall Jenner's Estee Lauder Courreges Ad Crackles With Energy And 5 Killer Makeup Looks

Even with its social and professional pressures, being a model should be fun! That's something Kendall Jenner's Esteé Lauder Courreges makeup ad demonstrates. The 30-second spot is super lively and it absolutely crackles with energy. Jenner, who comes off as the most reserved and the quietest of the Kardashians, is more animated than I've seen her in quite some time.

She even throws punches and points at stuff, like the ceiling and the camera. Cute, right?

You've got Kendall being silly, Kendall being sassy, and Kendall being sexy. She rocks a bright tangerine visor, a white mesh hoodie, white sunglasses that I want to steal, and a slick, hot pink, and shiny jacket, so she is presented in the epitome of luxe American sportswear.

But the model of the moment paired the threads with some killer and universal makeup looks that could carry you through spring into summer seamlessly.

Pale pink lips, silver-rimmed eyes, and matte taupe nail lacquer are pretty much the colors of the day, and are easily wearable by most young, hip ladies. All these looks appear in Kendall's ad for the collection, created by French designer Andre Courreges.

The collection is available at Sephora and it's bold and beautiful... just like Kendall Jenner in this video!

Let's walk through all of Kendall's makeup looks in the spot, shall we? They are indeed accessible and easy to recreate. Thanks, Kendall.

1. Taupe Shop

The snap above might not seem like a makeup look since Jenner is flipping her hair as though she were prepping to star in a rock band's video in the '80s during MTV's prime! I am loving the cuff, too. But check out her neutral mani. It's a taupe x gray shade.

2. Peace Out

Here's a better look at the shade and the shape. Her nails aren't square and they aren't exactly round or oval. Squoval, maybe? They seem like an indefinable but chic shape. And the color is so goes-with-everything.

3. Makeup Minimalist

Her face looks nearly bare. No heavy blush, bronzer, or contouring. Wait, did Kim and ko. just disown her for not toeing the family makeup line?! I kid, I kid.

4. Silver Fox

Jenner's eye makeup is futuristic without being too much. There's a dusting of silvery shadow on her lids and not much else.

It's metallic like foil, but so gorge!

5. Pink Lady

The soft pink lipstick is all she needs to punch up those major shades.

Obviously, Kendall likes the Courreges collection! I'm loving that nail color, which is not too dark, not too light. If you prefer to rock dark hues on your digits, even during summer, this shade is for you.

The spot is below. See Kendall have fun.

Sephora on YouTube

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