What To Expect From The Princess' Christening

by Caitlyn Callegari

If you haven’t already noticed, whenever Prince William and Kate Middleton make a baby… people sort of freak out. Even more so once that baby graces us with its regally adorable presence. The first year — as with most babies, both royal and common — is the most exciting what with all of the milestones the baby reaches and the events to celebrate said milestones. Case in point, Princess Charlotte’s christening is set to take place on July 5. So, no worries, you still have time to get a dress and an appropriately matched fascinator.

Since we have a month to prepare for this hallowed event, it’s good to know what to expect considering this event is so royally important. Sure, it's not a wedding or anything, but the royals still hold the christening in pretty high esteem and there are certain protocols to follow.

If you have any confusion as to what’s going to happen on and around that day, look no further than the evidence given to us with Prince George’s christening. The little royal has left a bread crumb of trails from his big day that makes Princess Charlotte’s a lot less mysterious, but a lot more exciting because we now know what's coming.

Here are six things to expect when it comes to Princess Charlotte’s christening.

1. A Royal Reunion

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Prince Harry's been traipsing around the globe lately and it'll be nice to see the fam all back together. Princess Charlotte's christening will surely bring the Middletons, Prince Charles and Camilla, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Prince Harry, and the plethora of adoring cousins and aunts and uncles together.

2. Prince George's Sass

As an eldest child myself, I can say with the utmost certainty that the first big event not in Prince George's honor is probably going to bum him out... just a little bit.

3. Lots & Lots Of Candid Pictures

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Which means we'll get a better look at Princess Charlotte's chubby cheeks.

4. Godparents Revealed

When it was Prince George's turned to be christened, one major part of it was the big godparent reveal. And it must've been pretty hard for Prince William and Kate to pick considering he has a whopping seven of them. According to BBC News, "They are Oliver Baker, Emilia Jardine-Paterson, Earl Grosvenor, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Julia Samuel, William van Cutsem and Zara Tindall."

Perhaps Prince Harry, and Kate's siblings Pippa and James Middleton will get a chance this time?

5. The Gown

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yes, it looks like a very pretty potato sack but people ooh and ahh over it nonetheless. The headlines were flooding with talk of Prince George's get up, and I'm sure Princess Charlotte's fashion choices will be no less scrutinized.

6. The Official Christening Portrait

Here's hoping Prince William and Prince George wear matching outfits like they did to meet Princess Charlotte at the hospital.

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