13 Times Park Shin Hye Had Amazing Style On The Red Carpet

Park Shin Hye is just one of those actresses that can pull just about anything off. Sure, Park Shin Hye's red carpet style is amazing, but filmography-wise, we've also seen her cover pretty much all of the bases. She went for the full-on period look in The Royal Tailor (she wore 30 absolutely gorgeous hanboksout of over 1,000 in the entire film), we saw her go from sloppy underemployed twenty-something (hey, that sounds familiar!) to ultra-classy reporter in Pinocchio , and her character in The Heirs went through quite the adorable wardrobe as well. Yep, her on-screen fashion has always been on-point — and as it would turn out, her off-screen fashion has been just as fab (and eclectic).

Perhaps most recently, she completely knocked it out of the park at the recent Chanel Cruise show in 2016, along with Pinocchio co-star Lee Jong Suk. Both looked absolutely fab in the brand, with Park going for a more streamlined look, and Lee going with a more funky, avant garde ensemble — and that's only one example of her red carpet prowess over the past few years: She's also stunned in bridal whites at award shows, wore sultry black lace gowns down the red carpet, as well as the occasional floral print at a promotional event... so, without further ado, let's take a look at some of her best recent fashion moments!

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1. At the Premiere of Perfect Proposal

Best stripey coat ever, or best stripey coat ever?

2. At the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards

You can never go wrong in art deco-y fairy queen gowns.

3. At an Event for Ryo Cosmetics in Beijing

The crisp white keeps things modern, and the puffed sleeves give it all a romantic look.

4. At Chanel Cruise 2016

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She was one of the best dressed stars at the recent Chanel runway show in Seoul — and that's saying a lot.

5. At the Premiere of Dream of Angel in Shanghai

What a fun, futuristic silhouette!

6. At an Autograph Session for Bruno Magli


7. At the 17th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Seems like Shin Hye can really pull off the whole pretty in pink/princessy look.

8. At the Premiere of The Royal Tailor in Seoul

You would never think to mix bright (bright!) pink lipstick with such a moody floral print, but it really works.

9. At a Miu Miu Event in Shanghai

Miu Miu worn to maximum twee factor — AKA Miu Miu worn right.

10. At the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival

Feng Li/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Serving up some serious Bond girl.

11. At the Second Press Conference for Pinocchio

Looks like she took a leaf from her character In Ha's book — this crisp, professional look wouldn't look out of place on a reporter!

12. At the 2013 SBS Drama Awards

Bridal perfection...

13. At a Lecture on Intellectual Property

...and preppiness perfection.

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