Prince Harry Gets Knighted By Queen Elizabeth II, But What's The Big Deal? He's Already A Prince!

Well, it looks like Prince Harry is officially a knight in shining armor. On Thursday, Kensington Palace revealed Prince Harry became a knight thanks to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. What makes this moment and title that much more special is that it was a surprise knighthood. So, now he is both a prince and a knight. Yeah, let's just add that to the long list of swoon-worthy qualities Prince Harry already possesses.

It was at a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace that Harry received the KCVO (Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order) by his grandmother "for services to the Sovereign," per the palace. According to The Telegraph, the knighthood is a "personal gift of the Sovereign, who does not announce reasons for it being conferred." With that said, it's no secret how much Prince Harry has done for his country and others, especially through his philanthropic endeavors, not to mention serving in the military for 10 years. (He will retire in June.)

For those wondering, being knighted is a very prestigious thing. According to the official website of The British Monarchy, becoming a knight is "one of the highest honors" someone in the United Kingdom can receive. To be clear, knighthood cannot be bought, as it is bestowed upon someone by the queen (or another member of the royal family acting on the queen's behalf). In the past, being named a knight was based on military merit, but now individuals are recognized for other "significant contributions to national life," which may or may not include serving your country as a member of the military.

When it comes to the difference is between a prince and a knight, both are worthy titles. With that said, no, Harry will not be wearing actual armor. Also, seeing as he was born into the royal family, he was automatically given the title of prince. As for the title of knight, that is something he earned for his honorable work and service to his country.

Per a "royal source" who spoke with The Telegraph, Harry was “proud and pleased” with his knighthood. The source also said, “It is very significant for him personally.”

Now, let's all hail Knight Harry and hope he will soon showcase his dance skills, too. That's what knights do, right?

Images: reddestkay/Tumblr