Lincoln The White House Hawk Is On Twitter, And He Already Has This Whole Social Media Thing Down


Recently, a red-tailed hawk has made the White House grounds its home, and thanks to some fourth graders, it now has a name — Lincoln. And, in keeping with the Obama administration's social media game, the hawk has a Twitter account. You know, just in case you were wondering what it was like to be a hawk on the White House grounds (and aren't we all?).

Lincoln started hanging around the White House grounds last week, according to a blog by amateur birder and White House staffer Tamara Dickinson. Dickinson noted that not only is the bird sighting a testament to how birds of prey can adapt to urban life, but that there is a significant threat to their natural habitats.

Just couldn't resist tying in global warming, huh?


Jim Cutting's fourth graders were picked to name the bird after they wrote a bill (yeah, what were you doing in fourth grade?) to try and name the red-tailed hawk the official state hawk of New Hampshire. The bill didn't pass — an early introduction to the elementary school kids that few bills ever do — but the White House recognized their efforts by asking them to name its new resident.

So, what was the rationale behind Lincoln, which was decided after a series of votes? The bird likes to hang around the East Wing, where the Lincoln bedroom is, it gives a nod to the 16th president, and it gave the kids' school a boost (Lincoln Akerman School).

Lincoln only has two tweets so far:

But that video kind of gives a terrifying preview to Lincoln. There's definitely a Wild West feel to the hawk, and I think I might be scared to walk around downtown D.C. with a tough ol' bird like that flying around. Let's hope the squirrel population keeps him at bay.

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