See Oprah's 25 Year Hair Evolution In This Video

When Oprah came on the scene nearly three decades ago, her wardrobe was a bit brighter and more eccentric, her jewelry more vibrant, and her hair was styled in a larger-than-life 'do that was very signature of the '80s era. Of course her hair has evolved quite a bit since then and a new video from Oprah's OWN TV network now showcases every hairstyle Oprah has worn over 25 years.

This woman has sported every cut and style in the book, from an afro to an old-school mullet and everything in between, resulting in more than 20 different looks! Think the lob is a trendy new hairstyle? Nope, Oprah rocked it years ago — it looks like she was way ahead of her time in the style department. Honestly, I give her major props for withstanding all that maintenance and upkeep because that definitely isn't easy.

In the short video, Oprah admits that some of her famous 'dos were not always the best. She pokes fun at herself saying, "Sometimes I look back at some of them and think 'why didn't somebody tell me?'" I feel you girlfriend. I look back at old middle school pictures of myself and think the same thing.

Let's review the complete 25 year evolution of Oprah's hair shall we? Because some of them are pretty comical...


Bigger is always better, right?


Yup, I was right.


Look at all that volume, holy cow.


This one is called "party in the front, business in the back"


I call this one the "one-sided bang"


Oprah was so the original creator of the ever popular bob.


This one is my favorite.


I'm not even sure what to call this.


This style is sooo '90s.


Au naturel is totally still in.


Told you she started the lob trend.


The textured pony was also so ahead of its time.


I actually love this flippy blowout.

Pretty impressive, huh? Check out the full video below.

Images: Screenshots