2013's Cutest Animal Instagram Accounts to Follow

What good is the Internet if it can't help you uncover photos of adorable animals? Luckily, 2013 proved to be a fantastic year for the Web's animal kingdom. A few lucky man's best friends even got their own social media accounts, making all of our "AWWS!" all that easier to come by. Here are some of 2013's most adorable animal photos. Warning: Get ready to squeal.

Darcy the Hedgehog

Puppies are cute, but this prickly little girl can fit inside a coffee mug. Can’t get much cuter than that. And just look at that tiny chair! We can’t.

Image: darcytheflyinghedgehog/Instagram

Yogurt the Pirate

A tongue that’s permanently outside of Yogurt’s mouth has made him an Instagram sensation. Lap him up!

Image: yogurt_thepirate/Instagram

Yoko the French Bulldog

Because has their ever been a Frenchie as adorable? Mon dieu!

Image: yo_yoko/Instagram

Digby and Alo

These dog buddies love to play dress-up. And we love that they love to play dress-up.

Image: digbyvanwinkle/Instagram

Corgenelius and Stumphrey

Be like the Queen of England and follow these royally adorable dog friends. (Before it’s too late!)

Image: corgenelius/Instagram

The Wanderlust Pug

This pug never ceases to look surprised, which makes his Instagram account following not at all surprising.

Image: wanderlustpug/Instagram

Shishi Maru

Those big green eyes… who could resist?

Image: emonemon/Instagram

Grumpy Cat

Come on, how can you not follow this meme-maker? This year, Grumpy Cat was everywhere, even managing to lock down a movie deal. And that’s news everyone, including Grumpy Cat, will be happy about.

Image: tardthegrumpycat/Instagram

Eddy and Rambo

SO FLUFFY. So very fluffy.

Image: bunnymama/Instagram


We’re so enamored by Dada, we might as well call it puppy love.

Image: dog_dada/Instagram

Chloe the Guinea Pig

This guinea pig would love to challenge you to a tough game of Mario Kart. Who will win? Looking at this tiny creature, all of us will.

Image: chloecavy/Instagram

Turtles Sloggi, Om, Somnium and their Dog Friend, Jumble

Follow the adventures of these three turtles and their buddy Jumble as they maneuver life in an herb garden. After all, it’s about thyme.

Image: tortoisegarden/Instagram

Kevin Bacon, the Pig

No one wants to be more than six degrees of separation from these hogs.

Image: theadventuresofkevinbacon/Instagram

Truffles the Hamster

You may have begged for a puppy when you were a kid, but, looking at this photo, you might wonder why you never indulged in a hamster like Truffles.

Image: trufflesthehamster/Instagram

Rei, Amelie, and Nanaco

Doggone cute!

Image: dogcommune2002/Instagram