'Friends' Characters React To A 'Friends' Reunion

It's been asked time and time and time and time again — will there be a Friends reunion? To answer your question simply, no, there will not. Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman says a Friends reunion is not happening. She revealed the news at the 2015 ATX Television Festival. During one panel, Kauffman said passionately, "There will be no Friends reunion!" There you have it, so stop asking.

Another reason fans should stop bothering her about a possible reunion? Because she hates the question. During another TV panel, Kauffman revealed that it is "infuriating" to be asked about a reunion over and over again. Don't think she's tired of Friends, because she's not, but as she told The National, "We know we’re not ever, ever, ever doing a reunion. I think it would be really stupid to do reboots. I don’t understand reboots. It makes it feel like we’ve run out of ideas." Also, at ATX, Kauffman said she will always cherish her show: "That it's still around is an incredible honor."

With that said, I can't help but think that the characters she created with David Crane would 100 percent support Kauffman in her feelings about a Friends reunion.

So, let's have some fun by showcasing how each character would angrily respond to the reunion question, because they will always support Kauffman.

"Red Ross" Would Come Out

Chandler's Awkward Sex Face Would Happen

Phoebe Would Just Yell, Repeatedly

Rachel's Hand Would Do All The Talking

Monica's Vein Would Pop

Joey Would React Like He Turned A Year Older

OK, so now that we know the characters are against the reunion, too, that should settle things once and for all! (Except it totally won't...)

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