Bjork's "Stonemilker" Video Is a 360-Degree Virtual Reality Masterpiece That Will Make You Want To Visit Iceland

She has released a 3D music video. She has released an interactive album. And now, the forever innovative swanstress, er, songstress from the Land of Ice has more or less brought the Oculus Rift experience to any computer with Internet access. Friday, the 360-degree music video for Björk’s “Stonemilker” premiered on the Internet, and yeah, it is as cool as it sounds. The clip, which was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, debuted at MoMA’s Björk retrospective earlier this year, and now it is finally on YouTube.

To get the 360-degree experience, you don't need to wear a special headset or set up eight laptops in a circle around you; by simply dragging the cursor across the screen, you can control the "Stonemilker" video. It's probably as close as I'll ever get to frolicking around on a beach with my musical hero. I'll take it!

With or without the awesome 360-ness, the "Stonemilker" vid is a visual masterpiece. Shot on a beach in Iceland, Björk sings into the camera as she moves around the gorgeous rocky terrain. It is yet another chapter out of the singer's videography that highlights the unique and beautiful landscapes of her home country. "I want to go to there," you'll mumble between mouthfuls of Night Cheese as you watch the vid. "I want to go to there right now."

Here are some more Björk videos that'll compel you to book that trip to Iceland once and for all:

"Mutual Core"

This Huang-directed video combines computer generated and real images taken in Iceland. Huang tells Scientific American thesand was collected from Icelandic mining sites.

"Triumph of a Heart"

Directed by Spike Jonze, this video follows a woman who ditches her cat husband for a night out on the town.

"Black Lake"

In an interview with i-D, Huang reveals the "Black Lake" video was "filmed in Icelandic caves owned by Björk's brother and on lush green hills."


Jonze takes us on an aerial tour of Iceland. And yes, it's spectacular.

"Who Is It"

Wearing an Alexander McQueen gown completely covered in bells, Björk dances around in volcanic ash throughout this Dawn Shadforth-directed video.

Don't mind me as I pretend like I'm hanging out with Björk on an idyllic beach for the rest of the afternoon: