Fermented Skincare Products Are Becoming Popular

The benefits of adding fermented foods like kimchi to your diet is well-documented, but skincare is getting in on the fermented action, too. South Korea popularized fermented skincare products awhile ago, and it's finally starting to catch on with the rest of us according to TelegraphUK. Several dermatologists and fermented skincare developers weigh in on the alleged benefits of the products, and how valid they are.

FYI: fermentation has been around for, well, thousands of years, and when good bacteria feeds on sugar and starch to produce lactic acid, the process creates B-vitamins, probiotics and Omega-3 fatty acids. Suddenly I feel tempted to slather my face in sauerkraut.

Georgia Cleeve, founder of Oskia skincare, explains how incorporating fermented components into face products is beneficial, as "yeast breaks down the active ingredients making them easier to absorb." Sarah Coonan, a beauty buyer for Liberty, adds to these promising claims, sharing how fermented products "inhibit harmful bacteria - a godsend if you need to tackle problem skin in a hurry." Nah, I'd rather just wait this giant pimple out...said no one ever ever ever.

Despite the positives, some in the skincare industry remain skeptical. Dr. Susan Mayou, consultant dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic, questioned if the amount of fermented ingredients in products currently available was enough to make an impact. Additionally, Alexandra Soveral, fermented skincare product developer, cautioned that "poor fermentation could create unwanted bacteria that would trigger all kinds of skin problems" and encourages consumers to seek out the highest quality available.

So I guess jury is out on whether or not fermented skincare products are worth purchasing. If you're intrigued though (and come on, you know you are), one of Bustle's beauty editors loves this moisturizer from GlowRecipe!

Image: Monet/Fotolia; Giphy