7 Socks To Wear With Sneakers

by Lauren Turner

I've never been someone to rock sneakers on a regular, but when my Converse are the most comfortable and versatile shoe that I own, things changed. For this reason, I'm always looking for the right socks to wear with sneakers. Ankle socks slip off and the socks I wear with booties just aren't cute enough. We all had cute socks as children, so why can't we have them now?

Additionally, I feel like having cool socks says something about your style. If you take the time to pick out some uber trendy, conversation starter-type socks, then we're on the same page. It's such a small part of your wardrobe that there's so much more room for playfulness. And the Internet definitely understands where I'm coming from because there is no shortage of fun printed socks out there. I even have to take sock breaks because I would buy them all up and then never need new socks again.

Since they're such a minor part of your outfit, most people forget all about them. Instead of leaving your sneakers with all of the fashion work, choose a pair of socks that will make you laugh, smile, or just overall feel good. And for those of you who think socks don't have that power, try one of the 7 socks to wear with sneakers. You'll be surprised at the benefits.

1. Socks With Pineapples On Them

Living Royal Pineapple Crew Socks, $12, Forever 21

I have white Converse, so whenever I can find socks that are bright and colorful, I buy them. These are adorable, and full of personality. Plus, who doesn't like pineapples?

2. Socks With Lace Trim

Ankle Socks Lace White Trim, $6, Miss Guided

Like I said, we used to all have the cutest socks. So why not bring something back from the past? I think yes.

3. Socks With Shoes On Them

3-Pack Socks, $4, H&M

I mean, what's better than socks? Food. And what's better than food? Nothing. So if I'm doing the math correctly, this is the best purchase you could make this year.

4. Socks With The American Flag On Them

American Flag Knee Socks, $5, Forever 21

I know that these are knee socks, but they make for a versatile styling piece. You can either wear them how they are meant to be worn (up to the knee), or you can scrunch them up around your lower calf.

5. Socks With Eyes On Them

Keep Watch Patter Socks, $7, Mishka NYC

These may be a bit creepy, but I think they're cool. And they can easily be worn alone around the house, so that you can see the cute color-blocking. They would look great with my white sneaks!

6. Socks With Colored Trim

5-Pack Socks, $10, H&M

These are simple, while still maintaining a sweet appeal. And you can always bring them back with it's bootie season.

7. Socks With Classic Color-Blocking

Colorblocked Crew, $3, Forever 21

The best part about these socks is that if you want to spend your money of the pineapple pair (like me), you can always just steal a pair of these from your boyfriend. But also, they're so cheap, so it doesn't matter how you get them.

Images: RedRoseCheeks/Instagram; Courtesy Of Brands (7)