A Fashion Mini Bar In Your Hotel Room? Oh Yeah, It's A Real Thing

Traveling is always tricky for the fashion-obsessed. French clothing brand Pimkie seems to have solved all of your "dressing cute while on the road" problems with one simple, genius invention — a fashion "mini bar" in your hotel room. Attempting to pack the perfect combination of looks and outfits while still being able to close your suitcase can sometimes turn into a near-impossible task, and I know I always seem to forget at least something when I travel. This idea is definitely going to be a game changer.

Instead of having to combine the stresses of shopping and traveling, you can now get all of your fashion needs taken care of in the comfort of your hotel room. Now at Hotel Banks in Antwerp, Belgium, guests can browse through a selection of clothing and accessories — chosen specifically for the weather and type of events occurring around town — and borrow whatever they'd like, to be charged later. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, or need a different size, just pick up the mini bar's menu (that's right, a clothing menu) and call the fashion concierge, who will get you whatever you need.

Is it just me, or does this sound like the most beautiful thing ever?

In case you're not heading to Antwerp anytime soon, the Fashion Hotel Mini Bar plans on making stylish appearances in hotels all around Europe, including London and Paris. Check out the promo video and see for yourself how fashion dreams can come true.

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