7 Father's Day Activities For Bonding With Dad

Mark your calendars, because Sunday, June 21 is going to be all about dad. These Father's Day activities offer the perfect opportunities for you two to enjoy each other's company, relax on a Sunday afternoon, and most importantly, get in some serious dad day bonding time.

Father's Day doesn't have to be all about being a big spender, and in fact, it probably shouldn't be. Father's Day is about one simple thing: celebrating just how awesome your dad actually is — and you don't need to break the bank to do that.

Since your dad's special day falls at the end of June, make sure you both take advantage of the glorious spring weather. (And for those of you who want to be couch potatoes, that's cool too... and I've included something on this list of Father's Day activities for you also, because, hey, sometimes the most fun thing to do is to just veg out). As long as you're both hanging out with each other, it will be a day well spent.

Check out the list below, and get to planning. Whether you want to keep your day's plans a secret or get dad's input, I can guarantee you that he will be thrilled to simply be spending the day with his offspring.

1. Go to a baseball game

Baseball is the perfect sport to take dad to if he's into a little outdoor action. It's slow enough that you don't have to spend all of your time watching the players, and can actually get some bonding in — but there's still enough happening on the field so that you can enjoy a good game. It's a win-win.

2. Go fishing

Fishing is always a good time, even if you end up leaving empty-handed. It also allows for plenty of opportunity to have some heart to hearts with your dad while chilling out and drinking some beers.

3. Go to a museum

Taking your father to a museum can be a lot more fun than you'd think, especially if he's into that kind of thing. Your options are pretty limitless, and you can rely on dad's interests. Art, politics, machinery, world history — the list goes on and on.

4. Go for a bike ride

A bike ride is a perfect Father's Day activity, particularly considering it was probably dad who taught you how to ride a bike in the first place. Find a local trail with some nice views and manageable terrain (after all, you do want to be able to still enjoy yourself during the cruise).

5. Go golfing

If your dad's really into hitting the course, then go to his favorite spot. If not, the two of you can still have a blast at a driving range, or even hamming it up at a mini golf course.

6. Have a TV show or film marathon

You don't have to be out and about on dad's special day, so if you know that he'd rather spend the afternoon relaxing, the both of you can indulge in a Netflix marathon.

7. Go hiking

Taking a long hike on Father's Day is a sure bet if you're looking for a great bonding experience with your pops. Catch some views, some endorphins, and maybe even a sunrise or sunset if you plan it right.

Images: Bridget H/Flickr; Giphy (7)